Cheap ($24.99 and Under)

Keep your necky-neck all warm and toasty with a little help from... Atari? Yep, this Atari scarf is geeky as hell, which of course meant I had to not only include it in the Guide, but put it at the top of the Apparel section. There's a beanie, too, if you want to match while keeping warm this winter, but it's not as cool as the scarf.


If you ever wanted ghosts on your lap (and who doesn't?) this is the item for you. These Pac-Man lounge pants not only feature Inky, Blinky and Clyde, but also a dead ghost, too. You know, the ones you can eat for points. And they glow in the dark, too! What a bargain!


How about a band shirt for a tour that never existed? This is a pretty cool idea, a Wyld Stallions tour shirt that looks like a real band shirt, complete with dates (So pissed I missed the Austin stop) and everything. Available in S-XXL. Excellent!


This Bob's Burgers food truck wallet is way more fun than your traditional leather bad boy, don't you think? Smaller and smells faintly of burgers and loving dysfunction.


For the nerdy traveler comes this official Nintendo product, a synthetic faux leather passport wallet that looks like OG Gameboy. I should know, I am old enough to have played it when it came out! Not only will this protect your passport, it also has some pockets for cash, receipts, Tetris cartridges etc.


It might take you a second to recognize that symbol, but that's why I love these socks. That's the Nakatomi Plaza insignia from Die Hard. I always dig super nerdy products that don't instantly track as being nerdy. From a distance this just looks like a regular fancy sock with a neat pattern, but those that recognize the symbol will understand how awesome you are and then you'll get that knowing nod. It's a friend-maker is what I'm saying. Guaranteed. Not by me, but someone will guarantee this, I think.


A little less subtle, but not any less sweet are these Night of the Living Dead socks, also put out by Fright Rags. That's Gary Pullin art as well. Perfect for Halloween fashion, but if your'e like me you'd get use out of horror socks 365 days of the year!


There's only one product in this entire guide that allows you to put Danielle Harris on your feet and it's these Halloween 4 socks! Art by Sara Deck.


Sara Deck also provided the artwork for this pair of Evil Dead 2 Good Ash/Evil Ash socks. My favorite detail on this is that Ash's shirt goes all the way down to the toes. Gives a weird, elongated effect, doesn't it? Fill your goodie little two-shoes with these socks!


Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the cornerstone of this section and we've got a hell of a start with this one. Zelda + Christmas Sweater = Frickin' awesome. Especially since they're going old school with the imagery, so it looks pixelated. Available S-3X.


You got Link, why not an Ugly Mario Sweater? I haven't looked back at last year's guide, but I have a feeling I might have included this one back then, but it's too cool not to include once more even if I did. Plus it's on sale right now, so double win. Jump at that question mark block and have at it! XL-3XL available.


Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters don't get much uglier than this, using Cousin Eddie's trademark Christmas Vacation holiday words of wisdom right up front. You'll be the kids' favorite Auntie or Uncle if you wear this to your family Yuletide gathering, I'll tell you that much. Available in S-4XL.


I remember when I was growing up I had a light up Christmas Sweater that had a glowing Rudolph nose at the center of it. This was before LED was a thing, so it literally a small light bulb on my chest, powered by a single 9V battery. I definitely got a lot of attention with that one and probably some super cancer right in the center of my chest. Now's your chance to get your own eye-catcher with this Christmas Story Fra-gee-lay ugly sweater that lights up. Must be Italian!


Another movie quote ugly sweater! This time it's from Home Alone. Merry Christmas, ya' filthy animals! Available M-XL.


While not full on ugly Christmas sweater, we do have an ugly Christmas cardigan. Who you gonna call? This lil' beauty, that's who! Bust the Christmas spirit with this piece! Small and Medium Cardigans available.


If a hoodie is more your thing, how about this incredibly nerdy D&D hoodie? Not only is this the old school Expert Rules art, it's an old school hoodie, with a shoelace drawstring and kangaroo pouch. S-3XL available.


Yes, there's a lot of random Fallout merch on the guide this year. Yes, this is ridiculous. Yes, it makes me wish I had a dog. A Fallout 76 Vault sweater for the pooch. Even Dogmeat gets a little cold sometimes. Available in S, M and L (from 8lbs to over 54lbs).


This Star Wars Ships Button Down Shirt is a little geek hipster-y, but still pretty damn cool if you want to dress a little nice, but still let your geek flag fly. S-3X available.


If your geekiness leans more towards Disney, then there's this Stitch button down for you. Ohana means family and 100% cotton means comfy! S-2X available.


And then there's this Incredibles button down from the same ThinkGeek masterminds as the above pieces. Safe bet you'll be running around humming the Incredibles thing when wearing this bad boy. S-3X available.


This Bob's Burger's themed shirt isn't the same kind of shirt as the few above pieces. Those were cotton button downs, this is a Hawaiian shirt. You probably could tell that because of the pineapples and tiki statues on it, but just making sure you were aware. S-3X available.


Back to button downs we have this more subtle Jurassic Park shirt filled with small JP logos, dino fossils and raptors jumping out of foliage. Up close you see all that nerdy detail, a little further back and it just seems like a nice blue shirt. Clever girl!


This amazing Mondo tee-shirt has been around for a while, but it's so great I had to put it in again. Using Kubrick's title treatment from the Clockwork Orange credits, this is perhaps the most straight up cinephile-y item in this section. XS-4XL available.


Now we jump across the pond to some Last Exit To Nowhere. It's a bit pricier to import these tees, but as a proud owner of a few myself I can vouch for their quality. Comfy, well-made and geeky as all hell. The trifecta! Here is a classic, the Walley World logo from National Lampoon's Vacation. Praise Marty Moose! Available on S-3XL.

£20.00 (Around US$25)

This is probably my favorite of the Last Exit tees on the list this year. Blue Harvest is instantly recognizable to a small niche of geeks. Incorporating the full logo and tag line for a movie that never existed is sweet by itself. It's even sweeter when that title is Blue Harvest, the one cooked up to hide the identity of Revenge of the Jedi (later retitled to Return of the Jedi, but you already knew that). Horror Beyond Imagination indeed!

£20.00 (Around US$25)

Derry is back in the public consciousness thanks to last year's IT taking the world by storm. Us Stephen King nerds never left it, but now we can wear this shirt and get way more people giving that knowing nod while you're shopping for your weekly groceries. I do, in fact, heart Derry and I also heart this tee shirt. S-3XL available.

£20.00 (Around US$25)

Another great fictional location plastered on a tee-shirt. Santa Carla is where all the '80s mullet vampires hunted in The Lost Boys. I grew up pretty close to Santa Cruz, the actual place they shot the movie (Go Banana Slugs!) and let me tell you, the colors and font are pretty accurate to '80s location tees from the real Santa Carla. Very cool. S-3XL available.

£20.00 (Around US$25)

Fright Rags always has great tees (again, regular shopper here) and this is one of my favorites of their new stock. Celebrating the 50thanniversary of Night of the Living Dead comes this nifty black and white tee shirt with awesome art by Justin Osbourn. Most sizes between S-5XL available.


Fright Rags also has this great Halloween 2018 tee out right now, once again with great art by Justin Osbourn. Prepper Laurie, wrinkled mask Michael, a big ass knife and lots of fall leaves for your tee-wearing pleasure. 2X-5X available.


Gizmo: The Bathrobe. This is fuckin' cool, even if it does kinda forget one of the key rules of the Mogwai. Don't. Get. Them. Wet. But I guess it's only good news for you if the movie rules carry over to the bathrobe because if they multiply then you have a new business, baby! Mogwai bathrobes for everybody! And they can't eat, so no slimy green bathrobes in your future. Double bonus! S/M, L/XL and 2X/3X available.


ThinkGeek and Her Universe partnered for this Star Trek Ship print dress. Reminds me a bit of the Star Wars Button down above. Cute design, uber-nerdy and finally a little something not unisex for the nerdy ladies out there. Want a clincher? This dress has POCKETS! That sound you hear is nerdy girls all over the world standing up and clapping.


2019 is going to be the year of Captain Marvel. Unless the movie stinks, but I don't think that's going to be the case. Casting Brie Larson as Carol Danvers is just too good for it totally fizzle, right? So, get ahead of the curve and sport Captain Marvel's colors with this Loungefly Captain Marvel purse.


PRE-ORDER. Now this is the Zelda game I remember. That gold NES case was a stroke of genius. You instantly knew your friends had a great game with a quick scan of their rooms. While I wouldn't buy this purse because that's not quite my style, I do appreciate them taking the shiny gold cartridge of my nostalgic childhood memory and making it into a purse.


You don't get much nerdier than a dungeon master watch that has a tabletop dungeon map as the background and little floaty dice in it as well. No saving throws needed with this one!


You want some bombs almost literally in the palm of your hand? Then Mr. Pool has you covered, boo. These bomb cufflinks are made of metal, but no real explosives. I think. Right?


What's better than slipping on some comfy bunny slippers this cold, cold winter? How about some Deadpool bunny slippers? That's right, bubba! Slip these puppies on, kick back and watch some Golden Girls reruns in style!


Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)

You can become your very own Mother of Dragons without that whole being sold as a wife to a horse lord thing. All you need is this ThinkGeek designed Game of Thrones themed faux leather dragon backpack. That dragon wing snaps into place with magnets, covering two pockets that look big enough to hold at least a couple dragon eggs. At least.


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Bethesda has a super comfy Vault 76 bathrobe out for pre-order. Rocking the traditional blue and yellow vault colors, this 100% french terry robe comes in a single one-size fits all size. The manufacturer makes no promises as to how many RADS it'll soak up.


I'm on a bit of a budget this Christmas season, but I'll tell you I almost bought this. Yes, I'm a massive Fallout fan and this tickles all my geeky buttons. A smart watch that is like my own miniature Pip-Boy on my wrist that counts my steps, keeps tabs on my heart rate and even displays my incoming texts is so, so, so up my alley it's not even funny. I showed a little restraint, but it was reeeeaaaaalllly close to happening. I envy all my fellow vault dwellers who scoop this up!


For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 and Up)

Holy. Shit. How frickin' cool is this? An actual working, high quality replica of Snake Plissken's countdown timer that does more than tick down the time. It's a working LED watch. Made by Lifeclock One out of real metal (machined brass and stainless steel) and real leather you can even get a special engraving on the back (some for free, some for an extra fifty bucks). It also has countdown, stopwatch, date, alarm and even step-tracking capabilities. Totally, unquestionably badass.