Toys & Collectibles

The collectibles part of the Toys & Collectibles section is always tough. There’s lots of great high end stuff out there, but the problem is they tend to sell out in pre-order so when they finally release they’re already all gone. So, you’ll see a bunch of pre-order items here, far more than any other section of the guide.

If you’re looking for gifts for this Christmas and see the perfect thing on pre-order I highly suggest printing out the confirmation order and gifting it that way. As someone who has both given and received these kinds of Christmas gifts it’s actually pretty cool getting to anticipate something super cool coming, even if it’s months down the line.

All that said, I did try to find some stuff still on shelves, especially in the moderate price range. Just don’t be shocked when you see the words “Pre-Order” pop up a bunch.

Alright, let’s get going!  

Cheap ($24.99 and Under)

There's a Funko for everybody. Hell, there’s probably one of me that I don’t know about floating around out there, but that doesn't mean I still can't be impressed when I see them honoring directors, especially one as wonderful and iconic as Alfred Hitchcock. I always see him in black and white when I picture him in my mind's eye (thanks childhood viewings of Alfred Hitchcock Presents), so it's perfect that's how he's represented here.


Interestingly enough one of the predominant Hitchcock scholars is one Mr. Guillermo del Toro, so it's also quite fitting that Guillermo gets his own Funko Pop as well. They'd look great side by side on the desk/shelf/altar, wouldn't they?


Weird Al AND his accordion? How lucky we are as geeks to be able to celebrate the very best among us in miniaturized big-headed cartoony fashion!


You want a Bob Ross Funko and a Deadpool Funko. Why get two when you can combine them into one? That's the smart way to save, right there! It's amazing to me that Funko decided to make this considering the Bob Ross joke was a weird online ad promoting the movie and not much more, but I'm sure glad we have it!


Moving from Bob Ross to another Bob... one that's only about 2/3rds as creepy as the painter! That's right, Bob from Twin Peaks. I don't think this is brand new, but sometimes it's just good to remind the world that something amazing exists. Put this behind your dresser and shit your pants every time you glance over in that direction.


Sentry Bots are real motherfuckers. You really don't want to piss them off while wandering the various Fallout wastelands. They shoot machine guns, missiles, are tough as hell and even explode like a nuke when you finally manage to kill them. The point is I'm happy Funko made a mini-version so I can have it guard against the rest of my toys, which I know will one day gain sentience and turn on me.


I was gonna put some cheaper pewter Han Solo dice on here, but then I stumbled upon these stainless steel gold plated puppies and they were shinier and I'm like a crow and get distracted by shiny things, so here it is. Plus you guys only deserve the best, so now you too can race around with these dice hanging off your rearview. For luck.


Super7 has put out some vintage He-Man toys and as an '80s kid they certainly tickled my nostalgia brain center with the packaging, complete with the little comic book in the packaging! They've got He-Man and Skeletor at a surprisingly reasonable price.


Put a gun to my head and make me pick a favorite Guillermo del Toro film and I'm going with The Devil's Backbone. It's not an easy decision, but damn do I love this movie. Santi, the dead kid at the center of the movie, still haunts me to this day. Emotionally, not in a scary way. In that way I think he's the perfect representation of Guillermo's ideal: a supernatural being you have empathy for. So, naturally, I think this 7” Neca action figure is badass. You get Santi standing next to the unexploded bomb. The only thing missing is his floating blood cloud!


Moderate ($25.00-$70.99)

PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Neca's in the Guillermo del Toro business, giving the director his own signature line. You've seen Santi above and their next one up is the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. This one is a little pricier, but you also get the Pale Man's throne... plus it's probably the single best designed creature to come out of del Toro's brain, and that's saying something.


Neca has a run of horror icons they're calling their Ultimate series. Do we need another Jason Voorhees figure? Probably not, but since Friday the 13thPart IV is one of my personal favorites, I've gotta say this looks pretty good. You get multiple heads and tools of death, including the corkscrew that Crispin Glover was looking for (and unfortunately found). 


There's something about the low budget makeup on Robert Englund's Freddy in that original Nightmare On Elm Street. It's not as precise as the later movies, but it feels more... organic. More gooey. More real. And Neca celebrates that with this Ultimate figure. You get the tongue phone, multiple heads and his green blooded sliced off finger hand.


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Neca isn't just mining the old horror movies for their new toys. They've also got Old Man Myers, complete with two jack-o-lanterns (one the heart-eyed pumpkin, the other the hollowed out human head).


I don't know you very well, but I'm 89% sure of one thing: You don't have nearly enough creepy clown shit in your house. Unless you're my grandma then you need to slow the fuck down, Grammy. Seriously, we're all talking about it. You've got a problem. Anyway, for the rest of you is this 7” Pennywise from last year's IT. Comes with balloon (it floats), a couple of interchangable heads and poor Georgie's paper boat.


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. Neca has another Pennywise coming next year that you can pre-order now if you want. It's predominantly the Neibolt House Pennywise (complete with the gate bar stabbed through its head), but you also get the above-pictured head sculpt from the slide section. Lots more variety than the one currently available, but you gotta wait a few more months. Decisions, decisions.


The Peter Skarsgard Pennywise isn't the only evil clown entity on offer this holiday season. No, sir. You've also got the OG Pennywise, performed wonderfully by Tim Curry in the original TV movie adaptation. Beep Beep, Richie!


PRE-ORDER, January 2019. Alrighty, then. How about this Ace Ventura figure from Neca? The sculpt is a little bit... off. Almost like they didn't completely get the rights to Jim Carrey's likeness, but I'll overlook that because they're actually making an Ace Ventura action figure. Fingers crossed we get a Rhino Birth playset from When Nature Calls...


Remember when Muhammed Ali boxed Superman? It happened! In 1978 the Champ tested his mettle against the man of steel and... well, the Champ won. Sorry, Kal-El, but even you aren't a match for the greatest of all time. It was a weird book, but one that has lasted for decades. To prove that point Neca made a two-pack of Superman and Ali from this comic, appearing much as they did in their comic book style. Very neat!


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Neca also has some cool video game figure out, too. My favorite is this two pack of Kratos and his boy (BOY!) Atreus. These are posable action figures. This is by far the most affordable way to have the best father/son duo of 2018 on your shelf.


Rogue One might be a little old news right now, but this toy is badass. They took the vintage Kenner Star Wars toy packaging and created an Imperial Combat Assault Tank from Rogue One in much the same way they would have done it with the original trilogy. So damn cool. It's a pretty steep discount right now, too.


Since Pokemon don't really exist, this animated, talking Evee plush is the closest you'll get to having one of your very own. And that's for the best, really. If Pokemon were real you'd have to go kidnap an Evee out of the wild, probably leaving their babies to starve and die just so you can have a cute dog-thing in your house.


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. This Fortnite Pickaxe Replica will be the coolest thing your kids, nephews or nieces could possibly receive for Christmas. If you have any kids or young teens in your life you know just how fucking bonkers they are about Fortnite. This replica axe is 39” long and serves little actual purpose with the exception of grinding mats real quick to build a wall to keep an 8 year old from sniping you from across the map.


Here you have a Joker statue, but not just any Joker statue. This one is from one of his most iconic covers, The Killing Joke. Stands 7” tall and is limited to a run of 5,000, this DC Direct piece is pretty expensive, but I was able to find it on sale at BigBadToyStore.com. You're welcome.


It wouldn't be Christmas without some Lego sets. Let's start with this one, from the Harry Potter universe, the one that doesn't involve any on-screen Johnny Depp. Here you have the Hogwarts Express train as well as Platform 9 ¾ all in Lego brick form. You also get mini-figs of Harry, Ron, Hermione, a Deatheater, the Trolly Witch, Lupin and even Scabbers! 801 pieces all in.


Lego Tron lightcycles! What'll they come up with next?!? This is of the Tron: Legacy variety and comes in a 230 piece set that can build 2 lightcycles. You also get minifigs of Quorra, Rinzler and Sam Flynn.


From Avengers: Infinity War comes this Lego set depicting the Guardians' new ship, the Benetar, that when completed stands 18” wide, over 3” tall and 8” long. Minifigs include Thanos, the Gauntlet by itself, Starlord, Gamora and even an Iron Man. 674 pieces.


It's another year, so that means another Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. That means every day leading up to Christmas you get a new Lego mini-fig or mini-model from the Star Wars universe. Vehicles, droids, good guys, bad guys and even some Christmas-themed unique items, like a snowman wearing a Rebel pilot helmet.


Yes, this looks like a nightmare. Those cold, dead Porg eyes look right through you. But there's something hypnotic about it, too. Plus, if I didn't include it Ash Crossan would hunt me down and probably turn me into one of these demon Lego Porgs, which would mean I would have to be her mindless servant for the rest of my life (she is the Mother of Porgs, I hear). I don't want that. You don't want that. Hell, Ash probably don't want that. So here is the evil thing. Stands 7” tall and its damn mouth opens. Probably to swallow your soul.


Expensive ($71.00-$249.99)

Rogue One brought the absolutely bizarro concept of Darth Vader living in a lava castle into canon after it was briefly toyed with for Empire (he was also supposed to have living gargoyle guards!) and now it's officially official because it's a Lego set. Exclusively available at Amazon, this 1060 piece set builds up to 16” tall plus it also gives you a separate TIE Advanced Fighter. You get Vader in a Bacta Tank mini-fig as well as 2 Royal Guards (no gargoyles, sadly) and Imperial Pilot. 


The Lego Harry Potter Great Hall set is also available. Clocking in at 878 pieces that includes a lot of minifigs, this bad boy builds up to 14” high, 11” wide and 7” deep.


And finally here's a really neat Lego set. Part of their Creator series comes James Bond's Aston Martin DB5. The interior is detailed and even some of Q's gadgets function, like the passenger ejector seat! This is a popular one. Most places, like Amazon, have it at a steep markup, but you can backorder it from Lego directly, who expect to ship these backorders around December 10th, which should get in just before Christmas.


Chronicle Collectibles built this 1:1 scale Plasma Rifle from the Fallout series and it's way cool. LED lights give it the green plasma energy glow and while it's made of plastic it doesn't feel cheap and flimsy. It's so realistic to the actual game gun that I'm not entirely sure you won't turn your neighbor into a green goo puddle if you shoot it at them.


Another great Fallout item for sale this season is this sleek Pip-Boy construction kit. Build your own Pip-Boy! It comes in a fancy wood box and builds up into an actual wearable replica. You even build a holotape, too, and the Pip-Boy has a holotape ejection mechanism, just like in the game! Be a step ahead of the curve should the bombs fall and have this crucial post-apocalyptic piece of gear at the ready.


Gjallarhorn is the best single weapon Destiny has ever produced. Sorry, Ice Breaker. You know it's true. The Sleeper Simulant is close, but no cigar! Unfortunately the Gjallarhorn isn't in the current Forsaken storyline, so you'll have to make due with this 1:1 replica created by McFarlane. The replica has trigger-activated game sound effects and measures an impressive 44” long.


Pre-Order, Q2 2019. Baby Raptors are cute. That is just science. Grown up ones maybe not so much, unless you're Chris Pratt. Here is a replica of the baby Raptor being born while Doctors Grant, Sadler and Malcolm were doing their Jurassic Park tour. Made to 1:1 scale by Chronicle Collectibles, this polyresin statue is limited to only 300 units, hence the pre-order. If you want it you better put dibs on it!


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. I should just end this section of the Guide now. Nothing will be better than a four-pack of all the Golden Girls together. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia in all their elderly, giant-shouldered glory! These 8” tall figures are being put out by Neca. The only downside is that they're not available to ship in time for Christmas. Fine, I guess I'll continue with the rest of this section...


PRE-ORDER, June 2019. Kotobuyika's Iron Spider is pretty gorgeous, isn't it? You always get a good deal with Kotobuyika. Their design team is always on point and this Infinity War piece is awesome.


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. Here you have the good Doctor preparing to fight off the big purple dude trying to steal his necklace. The Infinity War Dr. Strange polystone statue stands 8.5 inches high, was based on the on-set 3D references of Benedict Cumberbatch from the actual movie and is hand-painted.


PRE-ORDER, Q4 2018. Same company as the Doctor Strange one above, this Thanos is to scale (and standing on a big, fiery rock) so he's almost 14” tall. Polystone statue is hand-painted and has LEDs in the gauntlet, so yes... it lights up. Oh snap!


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Celebrating Iron Man's 10thAnniversary comes this great piece showing Mr. Stark in his very first Iron Man suit, cobbled together from spare parts in a cave. It was this very suit that kickstarted the MCU as we know it. Crazy how time has flown, isn't it? This piece is made of resin and stands 14” tall. Only 1000 of these are being made.


Earlier in this section we has a Neca toy of the Tim Curry Pennywise from the original TV movie adaptation of IT and now we have this Factory Entertainment statue. Standing 15” tall this Pennywise speaks, spitting out lines from the mini-series. Super cool.


PRE-ORDER, Q2 2019. If your tastes lean more towards the Bill Skarsgard then there's this guy. Put out by Iron Studios, this 1/10thscale Pennywise stands 8.5 inches, which is considerably smaller than the Tim Curry one above. If it was me I'd stick with the Neca action figure. It's not much smaller and just as detailed, but hey, you do you. 


Standing almost 14” tall is this nifty Mercy statue. Yep, that sure is Mercy. Can you tell I'm struggling to come up with something else to say? It's a great representation of one of my mains, so that's why she's here. Do you need anything else?


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. Mondo dips its toe into the collectible toy/figure every once in a while (remember their awesome Iron Giant many moons ago?) and their next project is... Masters of the Universe. They're doing a He-Man, but we all know Skeletor is way cooler. 12” tall and he comes with his sword, that weird Ram's skull staff thing of his, a battle ax, multiple hands and even an interchangable head that makes him look more like the original Skeletor toy.


Viddy this, me droogs, and viddy it well. This little Alex DeLarge won't practice a bit of the old ultraviolence on you, rest assured, but it is a great sculpt of Malcolm McDowell that comes with multiple heads, his cane, his cod piece and even a tall glass of milk.


Gentle Giant have created this 10 inch tall IG-88 statue and it's up to their usual sculpting standards. This limited edition is hand-painted and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


PRE-ORDER, December 2018. Ah, we finally get to some Hot Toys. These painstakingly detailed sixth scale figures are the gold standard of premium collectibles. Let's start with grumpus Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi. He comes with many Ahch-To accessories, though sadly there's no green milk in sight. You do get some porgs, though, and that's all that matters.



PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. Whoa. It's Neo, done up the Hot Toys way, which means he's super posable. He comes with a ridiculous arsenal and he probably knows kung-fu, too. If you're a Keanu Reeves fan (and who isn't?) you have a choice to make... Hot Toys has a couple badass Keanu character toys... Neo above and then the one below... Choose wisely.


PRE-ORDER, Q3 2019. John Wick. Both he and Neo are skilled with weapons, but John Wick is probably more badass when you get right down to it. This Hot Toys figure comes with a tons of pieces, guns, assassin coins and his tactical knife. Thankfully no puppy corpse accessory.


For The Super Rich Only ($250.00 and Up)

PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. What I love the most about this particular Hot Toys figure is how well their LED light compliments the Black Panther suit design. They're able to give him his purple light within the suit. Super cool design executed flawlessly.


PRE-ORDER, Q2 2019. This sculpt is incredible, right? The thing about Hot Toys is they don't have a standard size. Their figures are always 1:6 scale, so that means with someone as massive as Thanos you get a bigger than normal sixth scale figure. Thanos stands over 16” tall and his gauntlet lights up. They went ahead and gave him all 6 infinity stones, by the way, so don't piss him off or half your family goes up in smoke.


PRE-ORDER, Now-ish. Set to ship any day now is this Deadpool 2 Hot Toys figure and boy there are soooo many options with this guy. He has all the accessories, including his X-Men trainee shirt, a unicorn stuffed animal, all sorts of guns, eyes, hands and even high heels. Keep in mind, Neca has their Golden Girls figures coming out, too. Just sayin' the real Deadpool would be super psyched to be put on a shelf with Bea Arthur...


PRE-ORDER, Now-ish. This sculpt is incredible. Ol' Palpy-face here is more expensive than the traditional Hot Toys, but you get so much more with it than usual, namely the big ass throne. You get lightning hands, Luke's saber and that weird cane.


PRE-ORDER, Q4 2019. I usually don't like to include pre-orders so far into next year, but I'm making an exception for this guy. It's one of the best Vader sculpts I've ever seen, for one. I love that you have the option of the crusty ol' white guy Anakin for the head (and that sculpt is even better than what you see in Jedi!). The other thing is it's quarter scale, which means this guy stands almost 20” tall. Add in LEDs in the chest plate and lightsaber and this is one impressive piece.


PRE-ORDER, Feb-April 2019. Like father, like daughter. Sideshow has this premium Princess Leia coming up and it's a beaut. She's 18” tall and the Carrie Fisher likeness is uncanny. This is definitely a head-turner. Limited edition of 1000.


PRE-ORDER, Q2 2019. Blitzway's got this mighty impressive Don Corleone quarter scale statue coming out next year. The Brando sculpt is great (if a little dark in the complexion) and the detail looks fantastic. I always love it when these companies cater to cinephiles and not just giant blockbuster fans.


PRE-ORDER, shipping now-ish. When I was researching this section I was shocked that Basic Instinct, out of all the movies in the world, got the premium statue treatment. The Sharon Stone likeness is great, the scene is iconic and I'm just flat out impressed a sleazy thriller like Basic Instinct has a real deal statue out there!


This is a slightly older Sideshow piece, but I wanted to put some stuff in here you can actually order now and not have to pre-order. The problem is so much of their stuff sells out during the pre-order my options were limited. Luckily this amazing Alien piece was still in stock. Not only that, but it's 10% off!


PRE-ORDER, shipping any day now. Holy shit, look at this thing. It's a 1:1 life-sized Alien Queen wall sculpture. It's designed to make it look like she's pulling open the elevator door on LV-426. If I won the Powerball I'd order one of these for every room of my new mansion, which is probably the reason why it's a good thing I didn't win the lottery. Limited to only 500 pieces, hand painted and 37 inches tall.


Another great cinephile statue. Here is a lifesize bust of Lon Chaney Sr. as Phantom of the Opera. We don't often seen silent film statues, so this is pretty neat. Only 250 were made.


Here's a sixth scale John Lennon figure. Lennon was unquestionably one of the most influential artists of the 20thcentury and his legacy still lives on. This post-Beatles/Imagine-era Lennon figure is almost 12” tall.


Bioshock is still, to this day, one of my favorite game worlds ever created. So of course my eye was drawn to this ThreeZero Big Daddy and Little Sister set. This isn't a statue, but two highly articulated figures made of high quality material and pretty giant. The Big Daddy is over 12 inches tall and the little sister is about 6”. The dome on the Big Daddy not only lights up it does so in different colors, so if you want him to be pissed off then switch him to red. Very cool.


PRE-ORDER, shipping any day now. One of the coolest things in this guide and it's not even connected to any movie, TV show or video game. This is a highly detailed International Space Station Astronaut on a space walk figure. The detail on this is flat out breath-taking. In terms of size, it's quarter scale and comes with the SSRMS robotic arm. LED lights really bring it to life.


PRE-ORDER, Q2 2019. What you see above is a miracle of evolution. All it does is swim, eat and make little sharks. Oh, and look fucking badass on your mantle. This thing is massive (the seal, for instance, is kitten sized) and so incredibly detailed. Made by Infinity Studios, this quarter-scale statue stands almost 30 inches tall and is limited to only 128 pieces worldwide. I wish I was rich enough to afford this.


This beauty is a highly detailed recreation of the Batcave from the '60s Batman show. What even cooler than all the inner details (like the giant computers) is you can spin it around and see the rocky entrance for the Batmobile. If I'm reading the small print right the Batmobile itself is NOT included, which is a little messed up for something this expensive. Still, it's a neat piece.


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. This statue stand nearly 15” tall and has the Joker doing Joker-y things, like spewing green gas out of a giant set of chompers while riding a clown tank. Can't imagine we'll be see Joaquin Phoenix doing that in the new movie, but it's still way cooler than anything Jared Leto did in Suicide Squad...


PRE-ORDER, Q4 2019. Well, they've gone and done it. They spent too much time thinking about if they could make a statue of out of the sexy Ian Malcolm scene from Jurassic Park they didn't stop to think if they should. In all fairness, they totally should have done it, so I guess it's okay they didn't stop and think about it this time. You gotta wait a little while, but Jeff Goldblum is worth the wait.


PRE-ORDER, Q2 2019. Another lovely piece by Chronicle. This diorama depicts one of the most tense scenes from Jurassic Park, when Tim is just about to be snacked on by a couple of asshole raptors. This piece captures the moment right before his older sister saves the day. The whole thing stands about a foot high, is well over a foot wide and about 8 inches long.


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. Who would have thought the blood-sucking lawyer would be right about something? This night vision goggles replica from Jurassic Park is both heavy (10lbs!) AND expensive! Chronicle went the extra mile here, making this from 3D scans of the original prop and they even made it light up just like it does in the movie! I don't think they are functioning night vision goggles, but damn they look cool!


Now you can wield the mighty power of the infinity stones with your very own replica Infinity Gauntlet! Comes in handy during heavy commutes. The stones not only light up, they pulse, so it's a bit of a dynamic statue that measures almost 16” long.


How cool is this? A real, levitating Back to the Future II DeLorean! It uses magnets to make the coolest time machine ever conceived float on your desk! Has two sets of interchangeable wheels as well so you can style it however you prefer your flying DeLorean. (Wheels flipped under is way cooler, though). Only downside is this is an import so if you want full functionality without having to constantly swap batteries you'll need a power adaptor and US plug (it comes with a 3 pin Hong Kong-style plug).


If you tell me you watched ET as a child and didn't wish ET was real and your best friend you're a goddamn liar, penis-breath! Neca has given us the ability to make all of our childhood dreams a reality with this three foot tall detailed foam rubber and latex replica of everybody's favorite Reese's Pieces loving alien. Thank Christ they didn't make the crusty gray dead version as an option. That would destroy me if I saw it for reals, yo.


PRE-ORDER, Q1 2019. What is not readily apparent in this image is that this mounted Terror Dog from Ghostbusters bust is fuckin' huge. It's 1:1 scale. Remember how big those things were in the movie? That's what you're getting with this one. Over two feet wide, two feet long and two feet tall and weighing 35 pounds! It has interchangeable horns so you can have either the Vinz Clortho or Zuul versions. And yes, the eyes light up with a built in battery pack.


PRE-ORDER, shipping any day now. If having a lifesized Terror Dog head on your wall wasn't enough you can go the extra mile and pick up this immaculately detailed replica Proton Pack. This is based off Egon's pack, molded from the actual Dr. Spengler hero prop making this most movie-accurate replica to ever see the light of day. They even sourced the same valves as the original! Toggle switches and buttons work, the wand lights up... I'm 97% convinced you can catch an actual ghost with this thing. Or you could buy a nice used car.